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Air Grill 2024

INFORMATION for AirGrill Visitors 2024

; Visitors can look forward to sightseeing flights by helicopter
; There will be a bouncy castle for children, face painting and sale of airplanes
; We will certainly not leave anyone thirsty and hungry, there will be gypsy roast, beer, soft drinks and various snacks in the form of a buffet
; Pripravené zaujímavé ceny ; which visitors will be able to apply for in the form of a raffle by purchasing tickets
; Competition for children
; Arrival of a small sport plane, static preview
; Candy drop for children
; Flyovers of sports planes ,,National Aviation Center,,
; After 5 p.m. Motorized paragliding flight demonstration with landing
; Veteran Tatra Club Šenkvice
; Evening sitting with music from 80/90 years, beer, gypsy in the atmosphere of burning torches
; The buffet is open until late in the evening

We're getting started 9:30 program do 18h.

 ;  ;Registration of pilots: ;;;;;;08:00h-09:30h
 ;  ;Welcome, briefing: ;;;;;;;09:45h
 ;  ;Letové ukážky…;;;;;;;;;10:00h-12:00h
 ;  ;Prelet VIPER SD4 (National Aviation Center);;;;..12:00h-12:40h
 ;  ;Letové ukážky…;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.13:00h-14:45h
 ;  ;Vyhlásenie tomboly …;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.15:00h-15:30h
 ;  ;Letové ukážky…;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;..15:30h-16:45;
 ;  ;Motorový paragliding prílet …;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;..17:00h
 ;  ;Voľné poletovanie …;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.17:30h-21:30h
 ;  ;Bufet a posedenie pri hudbe …;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;do 01:00h

Do not forget to mark the date of the event in your calendar ,, AirGril 2024,, and take the children with you, parents, friends and acquaintances.

The team of RC CLUB Častá is looking forward to your visit.