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Generally binding regulations

Approved VZN of the municipality of Častá no. 5/2023 on local property tax from 01.01.2024

VZN no. 5/2023, amending VZN no. 2/2012 as amended by VZN no. 5/2019 and VZN no. 4/2022 on local real estate tax adjusts the tax rate in line with the rate of inflation declared by the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic, i.e.. increase in the property tax rate in the municipality of Častá from 01.01.2024 The 12,8%.

The wording of the approved VZN no. 5/2023 including explanatory report and the full text of VZN no. 2/2012 in the attachments here:

VZN no. 5-2023 DZN_approved

VZN č.5-2023 –; DzN from 1.1.2024 full text