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Knee theater

;Divadlo Na Kolene”; was created in the theater season 1972/73.

First performance we played in February 1973 F. Urban guy (Mrs. Magistrate).

File name it is derived from the reality of spatial problems. Ensemble members they really work on their knees. From the beginning, they realized their performances in the corridor of the primary school, then in the gym, for some time in the premises of the former pub and most recently in the premises of Ú Častá.

Nevertheless, this set can boast many successes, whether it was in the past, directed by Viera Lazarová or now by Petr Minárik.

Among the many productions, Jánošík according to Vivaldi by Ľ. Feldeka. With this game, the group achieved significant success, when in. 1980 won the main prize in the competition of volunteer ensembles and also participated in the Scenic Harvest in Martin.

Another success was the victory with the theater play in the dramatization of P. The minaret of Feldek's novel Van Stiphout on the Topolčian curtain in. 1988.

From the older productions, we should mention the plays: Ji. Nestroy (Fear of hell), E. The DOE (Sand in the eyes), N.V. Gogol (Auditor) W. Shakespeare (Taming of the Devil) or the dramatization of P. Minaret based on the motifs of the novel by G. Chevaliera (Zvonodrozdovo).

The ensemble won for the realized productions numerous awards. Whether it was for dramaturgy, directing, scenography or acting, but also for the creative search for non-traditional theatrical forms and creative processing of productions.

The tradition of volunteer theater v Častej je dlhodobá a nepočíta sa iba vznikom “;Divadla Na Kolene”;, but our mothers and grandfathers were already enthusiastic volunteers. For all of them, I will perhaps mention only F. Tešovica, who led the Theater Voluntary Club in Časta and later also worked on Slovak radio.

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